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11 ways to revamp your furnishings

  • Bored of your room?
  • You don't like your bed anymore your sofa has become dirty and out of trend?
  • Curtains look bad and old fashioned?
  • Tired of how your floor looks then
  • It's time for a complete changeover
  • Transform your bed from old to new
  • Change your sofa at a cost of changing the fabric
  • Get modular blinds for your old fashioned window
  • Choose a right shade of wooden flooring for a warm look
  • Add wallpaper on one wall
  • Add photo frames, rugs, lamps to your room

Products We Offer



Sleep better with our range of premium pillows. Choose from the soft micro fibre, down feather and memory foam fills.


Have a good night's sleep with a mattress that best defines your comfort - Memory foam, Latex, Coir & Spring mattresses available.


We offer an assortment of bed covers, bed sheets, quilts, quilt covers and blankets. Bed covers can be personalized as per your specifications.


Customize your curtains, header and lining with our made-to-measure curtain fitting service.


Fabrics are at the heart of what we do. Choose from a plethora of colours, prints and embroideries.


Embroidered, printed, foiled - there's something for everyone! We also personalize cushions on order.


Dive into our luxurious range of face, hand and bath towels. We also offer bath accessories, mats, laundry bags and more.


Laminates and hardwood floorings are available in a variety of natural wood finishes. Artificial grass flooring also available!


Wallpapers lend character to your room. Choose from vibrant, geometric, pastel, floral and 3D options.


Rugs add warmth to a space. A diverse range of designs available in all shapes and sizes.


Our collection for little ones includes colorful upholstery fabrics, accessories, fun bed sheets and more.


Customize your carpet, header and lining with our made-to-measure curtain fitting service.

Our Gallary


7 Common Decorating Problems


Read on to know how to fix them fast

What most of us don’t understand is that furnishing a house takes a very keen and knowledgeable eye. We may be out shopping and see something we love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look perfect in our home. Mansarover Furnishings helps you understand how the right fabrics, wallpaper, flooring and window treatments look in a room and dictate whether they will make or break a room design.


Problem1: I have to decorate my bedroom/living room. Where do I start?

Buy Fabrics and Textiles First​

A common mistake that most of us are guilty of—painting first. You must pick out the fabrics and main textiles for a room, such as rugs and curtains before you paint your room.


Why is this?

Because it is much easier to find fabrics that we love, and then match the paint with it.

Problem2: ​The recent home trends use a lot of lighter neutral fabrics for upholstery, but you don't know if you can maintain them.

Always consider who is going to be using the upholstered sofa or chair. If the answer involves pets, small children, or couch-crashing college buddies, darker fabrics are your best friends as they help naturally hide stains and spills.


However, if you want to move towards lighter fabrics that involve lower maintenance, opt for a leatherette or faux leather (a leather looking fabric). It lasts for years and is easy to clean with a moist cloth. Greys are also very popular right now, and make for a great neutral upholstery option.

Problem3:​ How do I showcase a collection without looking like a hoarder?

No matter what the home accessory is, it is best to display them in arrangements and groupings. Some people put too many small things in a room, thereby cluttering the room and not giving the eye a place to land. There are some steadfast rules to arranging items into groups—called the rule of three. So, gather what you love into groupings and display them proudly and properly.​

Most of all, there are no set rules to decorating and one should always be faithful to their own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.

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